World Flags Screensaver

World Flags Screensaver

Admire a close-up view of wonderful flags of over a hundred of nations
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Do you like flags?
Do you enjoy watching them moving with the wind?
Would you like to show people that you are a patriot and love your country?
Whatever the reason, here is a nice program that will surely satisfy your desires regarding flags.

World Flags Screensaver will display your flag and many more on your screen.

This unique screensaver will do exactly that.
It will display the flag of your country on the PC screen.
You will see a map of the Earth on a black background. The scene is really pretty, showing you the continents and even the North and South Poles..
On top of it, you will see the flag of your country in full colors.
The image is very nice and very realistic.
The flag starts motionless, but it starts moving as the wind begins to blow.
I think it is really great watching a big flag waving with the wind. You can see the material of the flag as it bends and folds.

World Flags Screensaver includes another nice feature.
You can select which flag to display, or just allow the program to choose one at random. This way, every time your screensaver goes on, you will see a different flag.
Also, in case you don’t recognize some flags, you can set it to display the name of the country.
But wait. There is still more. Let’s say that you got tired of the flags, and the countries, and patriotism.
This screensaver will allow you to display your favorite picture, and it will move and behave as a flag.
It’s a nice feeling watching the picture of your loved one, waving with the wind.
You will surely like watching, and learning, all the different flags of the world.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very realistic movement of the flags
  • Displaying your favorite picture is very nice


  • Maybe some background music would be nice
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